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Tattoos: A Different Way Of Self Expression Tattoos have different impact on different people, as each individual views tattoos differently. Tattoos are practically eye catching work of arts. Tattoo arts are different prom person to person depending on the individuals perspective upon getting one. Tattoos are very exquisite work of art that will capture every heart of the individual witnessing it wanting them to get one for themselves. Although tattoos are now generally accepted by the society than it has ever been, there are still people who does not like the idea of getting their body inked permanently. No matter what the reason a person has in getting a tattoo, tattoos are undeniably an old age work of art that has been around for centuries now. The word tattoo is taken from the Tahitian term “tatu” that means to touch something. During the early 90s, an archeological evidence of a man having tattoos have been found in a small country at Southern Europe. As the scientists carbon dates the remains of the said man, they found out that he existed 5,300 years ago. A booming number of fifty eight tattoos is noted to have been imprinted to the man’s body. Archaeologists theorized that the man is a person of significance in his society. The materials used for the man’s tattoos are largely charcoal along with water based materials.
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It is an ancient belief that a tattoo will be able to ward any kind of bad luck as well as sickness. The first known civilization to employ the use of needles in printing tattoos on skin are the Egyptians. This theory has been proven by archeologist as they have found a lot of Ancient Egyptian tomb that shows evidence of tattoo decorations not only on objects but also on mummified human remains . The spread of tattoo has been transferred from one civilization to another and by 200 BC, it has reached the continent of Asia.
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The ancient Japanese civilization however, have used tattoos as a form of branding, letting them know if a person is a criminal or not. As time went by tattoos have become one of the most popular ways to express art, which gives rise to a lot of tattoo artist along with a wide array of unique and awesome tattoo designs. Tattoos are even used by gangs nowadays as a form of intimidation to frighten rival gangs. Nowadays, they have become an inspiration to a lot of tattoo artist in making awesome and beautiful tattoo designs. Ancient Polynesian civilizations are also well known contributors of tattoo designs. These ancient people often used pointed sticks, ivory as well as bone pieces that are sharpened at the point as an instrument for tattoo. Using a small mallet, they hit the top of the sharpened object in order to inked in the tattoo on the skin. Ancient people use a variety of tools in inking tattoo designs into the skin, as a matter of fact, they are known to use a tool set in doing so.

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