Things to Do While Visiting Menorca

Arrive on Menorca’s sun-drenched shores after spending some time on Ibiza or Mallorca and you will notice that the volume has dropped – instead of Pete Tong you are more likely to hear birds. This far eastern Balearic island definitely has its very own mellow beat that it follows. Its twin cities of Ciutadella in the west and the Anglo-Spanish Mao in the east are both distinctive and pleasantly low-key. Also, the golden and white sand bays studding the 216km coastline are some of the nicest in the entire Mediterranean area. The island’s inland area is still distinctly rural, and includes approximately 70,000km worth of dry-stone walls that criss-cross rolling hills and fields in between villages.

Catamaran Half-Day Trip

Taking part in a boat trip organised by The Spain Event is an opportunity to visit unspoiled coves and beaches which are accessible from the sea only, in addition to snorkelling in the Mediterranean’s clear and calm waters.

The catamaran is well-suited for singles, couples, or families. Its comfortable hammocks, surface, and open design make it possible for everyone to be comfortable on board, from elderly individuals in wheelchairs or with reduced mobility to babies. The crew will welcome you and make you feel like you are a part of their team. You will feel very fortunate to experience sailing on an exclusive catamaran as you discover new areas. This is the perfect opportunity for you to disconnect from daily life’s routines and all of the rushing around and stress that comes with it. The only other possibility you will have is to enjoy your trip and completely relax.

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Zoo Lloc de Menorca

This park offers a different concept and is a great place to enjoy the day with friends or family for a very memorable experience.

The Lloc Menorca is a zoo park with a new concept, where they are fully committed to various enrichment and environmental conservation programmes to guarantee that all animals have an improved quality of life. All of the animals in the zoo are rescue animals. Travel deep within the lemur’s forest to discover the curious and friendly animals. Take a chance and feed the friendly goats and observe the macaque monkeys’ moods and behaviour.

Around Menorca Island

Don’t miss the opportunity to become familiar and experience Menorca’s most beautiful areas. The expert guides will teach you a lot. From Monte Toro you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views. At 358m, it is the highest point on the whole island. You can see Fornells, a typical fishermen’s village, which is best known for its water sports and delicious lobster dishes. Your guide can also take you to visit S´Albufera d´es Grau, which is a gorgeous Biosphere Reservoir, and also provide you with detailed explanation on the incredible fauna and flora there. You can also explore Europe’s most interesting and largest natural harbour by boat. Explore La Mola Fortress, King’s Island, the naval base, and much more!

Ciutadella Evening Tour

Enjoy the port and old town’s vibrant atmosphere in the evening. Ciutadella is the charming former capital of Menorca. There is lots of shopping and sightseeing you can do here. You also can visit the harbour if you would like to dine al fresco style on the waterfront. Be sure to visit the main square and cathedral. For late shopping in the main square and old town, there is an Artisan market where you can purchase souvenirs and original gifts. You also can relax in the bars and cafes here. It is highly recommended that you bring your camera and comfortable shoes with you. Enjoy a memorable evening in Menorca over the holidays for an enchanting visit.

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Half-Day Snorkelling and Kayak Excursion

In the bay, which forms part of northern Menorca’s Natural Reserve, marine life is quite extensive. On the tour, you will visit unspoiled places and coves that can only be accessed by kayak, include Cala Blance located on the bay’s south end, or the English man cave outside of the bay towards the eastern part of the island’s north coast. It will allow you to experience how varied and beautiful the landscape is. Experience the sea by kayak and snorkelling.

Due to the characteristics of kayaks, they are very seaworthy boats that allow you to get just about anywhere. Also, their lightness gives you the chance to stop on any beach to explore the grottos and caves in places that other boats are unable to access. You will be able to get in touch with nature and discover entirely new experiences.