Tourist Guide on Green Key Beach

Green Key Beach, also known as Deer Key in the past, is a 920 feet long beach in the Robert K. Rees Memorial Park in New Port Richey, Florida. It is about the size of 3 football fields. Green Key Beach used to be a mangrove island until it underwent development in the 1930s.

They built a man made beach which is the Green Key Beach today. After many years, a portion of the land was established as a park known as Robert K. Rees Memorial Park. Green Key Beach has only a small amount of sand because it is a man made beach converted from mangrove swamp. It also has only a few waves as the nearby barrier island has shielded it.

Robert K. Reese Memorial Park is opened from dawn to dusk for 7 days a week throughout the year. You can arrive on this beach by following the Green Key Road. You will pass by small concrete homes before coming to canal front homes. After that, you will pass by a mangrove jungle where the Greek Key beach is located. Get more details on best new port richey beaches : green key.

Many locals like to come to Green Key Beach to chill out on a hot summer day. The water temperature fluctuates in between 70 – 80 degree fahrenheit throughout the year. There is a designated swim area marked with buoys and ropes. The water is shallow and safe for swimming. The swim area will become exposed during low tide.

In the evening, you can sit down on the seashore to watch the sun slowly goes down to the horizon on the sea. There are 2 picnic pavilions. Each pavilion has 10 picnic tables. There are also free grills which you can use to barbecue food. It has a large plaground equipped with swings and slides. They provide a free outdoor shower area where you can rinse off after you come out of the water.

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There is a 650 feet boardwalk in the mangroves that connect to a two storey observation center. In the observation center, you can observe the tide coming in. You don’t have to place any reservation to use the observation center. There are several benches which you can sit and read your favorite novel or record the sound in the natural surrounding. The observation deck is the ideal spot to get away from the crowd at the beach.

While walking on the boardwalk, you can frequently observe endangered birds. Birdwatchers will be able to see migrating birds like herons and osprey with their binoculars. There are several launch sites where you to launch your boat into the water.

It is also possible to launch a boat from Green Key Beach. If you launch on the south side, you will get to explore the Robert Crown Wilderness Area. If you launch on the north side, you will get to visit creeks like Oyster Creek and Wigman Creek.

Canoe and kayak are allowed for launching. They do not permit the visitor to launch motorboat into the water. You will have to pay $2 to obtain the permit for parking your boat. In the weekend, there will be vendors lining up at the beach selling hot dogs, ice cream, and other snacks.

Robert K Rees park can get especially crowded during the weekend. The paved car park will be full on peak season but you can still park by the causeway. You only have to walk a short distance from the causeway to reach the beach.

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