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Identifying the Things to be Considered before Selecting a Blender for Your Kitchen

Buying a blender for your kitchen would take some careful considerations as it is the same with buying appliances for your home which will depend on various preferences. The kitchen blender is one of the gems in the kitchen as it significantly shortens the time for processing food mixing or crushing. Take a look at some of the considerations that needs to be pointed out before paying one.

First consider how big the kitchen is. If you have a wide and open space kitchen,you can opt for a countertop blender as it is one of the best blenders for crushing ice as well as for other purposes because of its size and numerable functions. However if your kitchen has a limited space then you may want to have the handheld blender as it is very convenient to operate and it is also one of the best blenders for smoothies. This blender can be kept in the cupboard for safekeeping if it is not used which also makes it very easy to keep as a blender.

Consider the capability of the blender’s engine. If you see watts and hp that indicates the horsepower of the blender. The horsepower of kitchen blenders start at 250 watts but it can go as much as 237 watts.

Commercial blenders would need around 1491 watts or that’s equivalent to hp which is good for blending and it is also the best blenders for crushing ice as well as the best blenders for smoothies. If you have no idea about blenders about their capacities then you may ask for help or information from the salespeople or better yet you can search it over the internet.

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Blenders have varying speeds and it is called revolution per minute. The speed of the blender can vary starting from 1 as its usual speed and the fastest is 14. You may want to start with a blender with a slower speed but there are blenders which can offer various levels of speed. Many blenders have a speed range of 3 levels.

Choose a blender type that is made from a type of material that would be very helpful at home or in your business as blenders can be made from polycarbonate, glass or plastic. Blenders made from plastic have the advantage of not breaking if dropped but it will crack when used as a container for liquids with very high temperatures. Glass blenders on the other hand have the advantage of being clear and squeaky clean but we all know that should be handled very carefully otherwise it will break. The polycarbonate blender is widely chosen as it does not break easily and it is very light and clear.

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