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Different Types Dog Crates to Choose From

There are hundreds of dog crates available in the market. It is critical to recognize that you are choosing a new home for the puppy as you shop for dog crates. Be patient in choosing the right dog crate that can address the needs of your dog. This is the same with what you do when you are buying a new home for your family.

The size of the dog crate is influenced by the size of your dog. New crates are equipped with dividers to help adjust the right size of the crate depending on the current size of your growing puppy. You have to make sure that your pet can turn around inside the crate and can stand comfortably. These are the popular types of dog crates available in the market.

If you choose a solid plastic dog crate, the inside has constant air flow through the top openings and the crate is very sturdy. Traveling would require a proper air flow. The pet is safe inside a sturdy crate even if there is an accident. The door is designed to be operated one handed with a secured latch. You will not struggling while cleaning the plastic crate. There are things you need to know about plastic dog crate. Some plastic dog crates are impossible to disassemble when stored and use some space. The top opening of the crate limits the vision of the dog.
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Crates made of aluminum and wire are similar. For the aluminum crates, there are folding and fixed models. Aluminum crates weigh very little. Durability is not an issue as well as rust. Heavy wire crates are usually folded when not in used. The full openings provides great airflow as well as vision for the pet. You can use them as a breeding kennel or for your veterinary clinic. If needed, pads and covers are available for these crates. Dog shows often use these crates as the audience can see the different dog participants.
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You also have the option to choose the light folding soft dog crates. The airflow is good along with the vision while increase the sense of security for the pet. This crate is not recommended for pets that usually chew or dig around. Do not use this dog crate when traveling with your dog. For newer version of soft crates, there are dog tents available in the market. Dog tents are more compact when stored and very light compared to soft crates. With very little space needed, even the smallest vehicle can conveniently transport this crate and easy to carry during hiking or camping. Do not use soft crates or dog tents for puppies.

Before you pick one for your dog, see to it that it is the perfect dog crate to use. Take into consideration the pros and cons of the various dog crates available.