Ideas For New Meals Using Leftover Buns

After using the planned ingredients for your meal, you might have extra items left over if someone didn’t eat that night or if you miscalculated how many items you would need. One item that is commonly left over from meals is bread. Instead of throwing it away, there are a few recipes to keep in mind using bread that can turn a simple ingredient into a delicious meal.

An option that you have for any leftover kaiser buns is breadcrumbs. All you must do is cut the buns into small squares, baking them until they are crisp so that they are easier to crush. You can add olive oil and herbs to the crumbs for more flavor. The breadcrumbs that you make can be used for salads, as a coating on meats, or as a nice component for more texture to your dishes. A similar item that you can make with leftover buns is croutons. When you cut the buns for the breadcrumbs that you make, leave the pieces in squares instead of crushing them into smaller pieces.

If you enjoy fixing pasta, you can use leftover buns as garlic bread. Spread butter on each half of the bun along with garlic salt and herbs. You can place the pieces on a pan in the freezer and then wrap them so that you always have fresh garlic bread to use when needed. Before you bake the bread, you can sprinkle shredded cheese on top for a delicious flavor.

A meal that is filling that you can make at any time for your family is a breakfast casserole. This is also a meal that you can make ahead of time and freeze so that you’ll have it ready to put in the oven. Layer bread and a mixture of eggs and seasonings in a casserole dish. You can then add cooked pieces of bacon, sausage, or ham. Top with another layer of bread and shredded cheese. You can make a sweet version of this dish by using cinnamon and cream instead of the breakfast meats and cheese. French toast is another breakfast recipe that you can make with leftover bread. Don’t soak the bread as long as you would if you were using a thicker type because the buns could become too soggy.

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Use leftover buns for a delicious bread pudding that you can serve for dessert or as a morning treat. You can add almost any ingredient to the pudding that you desire. Some of the combinations that you could try include oranges and chocolate or cherries and cream. Pineapple upside down cake is an option that you can make as well if you want to serve a sweet treat. The bread will serve as the cake portion of the recipe with the pineapple and other layers added on top. Use the bread to make grilled cheese sandwiches to pair with a bowl of soup for a warm comfort food whether it’s in the winter or when you want something filling.