Lots to know about Canada

For most car enthusiasts if you say the word Canada to them, they will immediately think of the Grand Prix in Montreal and the Villeneuve’s Giles and Jack. It’s usually a very exciting round of the Grand Prix year and should really be on the list of ones that you should look to attend. A great way to do that is to join the Canada F1 Paddock Club and that best way to do that is to visit edgeglobalevents.com/f1-paddock-club/f1-paddock-club-canada. It might surprise you to find that there is more to Canada than this intense race. Here are some Canada facts that I’m sure the locals won’t mind you repeating.

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Next to Russia, Canada is the largest country in the world and also the longest coastline. That’s a very useful statistic for the next time you go to a pub quiz. It has quite a few of biggest in the world records terms, including island such as Baffin which is bigger than Britain and Victoria and Ellesmere Island that come to about the same size as England. The highest tides in the world are located at The Bay of Fundi and the Hudson Bay is so bigger that one early explorer thought they found a new sea and gave up sailing at went home. There is a lot of oil in Canada second only to Saudi Arabia yet it is more used to using hydroelectricity as it is a very green country, but it does boast eh longest road it the world with the Trans-Canada highway.

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Canada has a varied history being owned at some point by France and Great Britain before finally gaining independence in 1867 but they hedged their bets a bit with that one by keeping the Queen of Great Britain Elizabeth the second as the head of state. It’s nice as she gets to have a holiday there now and again. They have their own flag which features a central white stripe with a left and right red stripe. In the centre is a large red maple leaf that signifies how important the tree is to the country. This refers to the cultivation of maple syrup. This is a yummy sticky sap that comes from the Maple tree. It’s a great alternative to sugar and is consumed in vast amounts by the Canadians and is a huge export market for them.

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One last largest thing the country has is the beautiful and spectacular Niagara Falls the largest water fall be sheer volume in the world