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Who says women can not travel alone? For most people, especially women, traveling or traveling alone may be considered a scary thing for women to avoid traveling solo for various reasons. Mostly because of fear and lack of confidence. Many women do not want to travel alone because they feel lonely and have no friends.

But, life is too short to continue to be afraid of taking risks! At least, you should never feel the thrill of doing solo traveling as a woman, once in life. By traveling alone, you will experience something that has never been felt before.
Along the way, you will meet many new people who have never imagined before. In addition, you will also learn to be more independent and courageous.

The journey will be more soothing and relaxing because you alone are in complete control of what you want to do. There are no rules and limitations on where you want to go. It is also possible that you will experience a life-changing personal experience. By doing solo traveling, you can clear your mind, listen to your heart, and know yourself better.

Traveling tips safe and comfortable. Women if you want to travel alone:

Choose Lodging in the Crowded Area

Whether for those of you who choose to stay overnight in hotels, inns, or inns, the location is the main thing to watch out for. Especially if you travel to a country that is ‘less friendly’ to women. Choose lodging that is in an area close to the center of the crowd. This will make it easier if you want to find food, ATM, and be shopping at night.

2. Avoid Mobility at Night
As much as possible, avoid traveling long distances at night. Like a long journey by bus or train. Night trips are considered to be riskier and prone to women, especially in countries known to be unfriendly to female tourists. Travel during the day. Although it may cost a little more, your security and safety as a woman are much more important.

3. Always Bring Power bank
Smartphones or gadgets are the most important things that must be taken when doing the solo traveling. Because with this technology, you can communicate with the outside world, open maps, and search for important information about the city you are exploring. Do not forget to save a list of important numbers like the phone number of the local security guard just in case. Do not let your smartphone run out of battery when it matters.

Find Information First

This is something you must do before starting the journey. Browse and learn in advance about the location you will visit. Find out what hotels or inns are recommended by other tourists, what areas are everyone’s favorite, which areas to avoid, what popular tourist spots, delicious local specialty restaurants and, as much as possible, try to understand the ins and outs of the city You visit. Believe me, it will help you not to get lost when you arrive at your destination. And most importantly, can minimize your risk of fraud cases.

Stylish Like Local Residents

As much as possible, do not show style as a tourist. Avoid looking confused in public places. Holding a large map, or hanging a camera around the neck is something you should not do as a woman traveling alone. The solution? Maximize the functionality of your smartphone. You can easily access the map from your smartphone, right?

Keep it a secret if you are traveling alone

When meeting many people along your journey, do not tell them that you are traveling alone. Because you can be an easy target for people who have evil intentions. At least, make the impression that you are waiting for someone else or traveling separately with a person

Keep it a secret if you are traveling alone

When meeting many people along your journey, do not tell them that you are traveling alone. Because you can be a soft target for people who have evil intentions. At least, make the impression that you are waiting for someone else or traveling separately with a friend. But make exceptions if the person is trustworthy, such as hotel clerk or security.

Pepper Spray or Stun Gun

There’s nothing wrong to keep watch as a woman. You can bring pepper spray or stun gun as a self-defense tool. Because we never know what’s going to happen, do we? While traveling alone, security remains number one.…

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You Can Find Great Restaurants for Every Need

If you plan on using restaurants for corporate and private events, and if you enjoy eating out with your family, then you need to keep an open mind about the newer restaurants in the city. You need to visit as many of the restaurants as you can to know how good the food is and what kind of atmosphere the restaurant has. The more restaurants you visit and learn about, the easier it will be to know where to go for each of the events that you want to host.

Check Out all of the Restaurants

Go to all of the restaurants around no matter what cuisine they serve and try a variety of food from the menu. Also, compare the prices of one restaurant to another so that you know which one will be best for your events. See how much space each restaurant has and whether or not you can rent it out. The more you learn about a variety of restaurants, the easier it will be when you decide to host a corporate event or party at one of those restaurants.

Find a Classy Restaurant for Work Events

When you need to put on an event for work, you will want the restaurant where you do that to look classy and to have plenty of privacy. You need to know that the food served will be good and that everyone will fit in the restaurant. So, look into any restaurants where you can have a corporate events new york city ny and decide which one is best for your event.

Put on Private Parties at Restaurants

You can put on private parties for your friends and family at the restaurants around you, and you won’t need to go to as classy of a restaurant when you do that. You can find a pizza place that puts on parties or another restaurant that will allow you to host a party without charging too much. And, you and your guests will have a good time when you are eating good food at the restaurant. And, you will have a great time because you don’t have to do any of the prep work or cleanup for the party.

Eat Out with Your Family More Often

There are so many great restaurants throughout the city, and when you and your family want to go out to eat, you can find a new place every time. And, you can go out to eat as often as you want to because it will be good quality time with one another. And you will enjoy the chance to relax with your family without worrying about cooking for them or anything like that. So, look at all of the restaurants that are in your city and the ones that keep popping up and try any of the ones that you want to. It will be fun to see what each of them has to offer and to find a love for a different kind of cuisine.…

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Bunaken National Park is a tourist attraction located in the Gulf of Manado – North Sulawesi with an area of ​​about 8.08 km square, this tourist spot is one part of the government of Manado city which is the capital of North Sulawesi. Here there is a very beautiful Marine Park located around the island of Manado Tua (Mantehage and Siladen). To enjoy the underwater atmosphere of Bunaken you have to dive into and move to the rhythm of the waves that flow.

Image of Bunaken Marine Park The stunning underwater enchantment of the sea you can find here, there are about 13 types of coral reefs that vertically sloping downward vertical about 25 – 50 meters. You will also be spoiled with views that are served by about 91 species of fish in the Marine Park Bunaken. Among others white koi (Seriola rivoliana), local gusimi (hippocampus), indigo gasi (Scolopsis bilineatus), goropa (spinotocepsep hinephelus and hypselosoma Pseudanthias), yellow tail lollicity (Lutjanus kasmira), and many others. Not only that here are also found many mollusks such as goat head fish (Cassis cornuta), nautilus (Nautilus pompillius), giant kima (Tridacna gigas) and tunikates or askidian.

For travelers who love scuba diving, this is one of the best places to do the activity. There are about 20 points that can be used for diving, where you will get a chance to swim into the sea surrounded by a variety of marine life is very fascinating. History of Bunaken Tourism

History of Bunaken Tourism

Bunaken this one can be very famous as it is now because of the beauty of the marine park, this tour was discovered in 1975, and used as a mainstay tourist attraction of North Sulawesi. The realm of bunaken has been populated by the population since 1400, and the first inhabitants of this place are immigrants from the kingdom of Bowontehu (Old Manado) and the occupied territories include Bunaken, Mantehage, Siladen, Naen, Talise, Bangka, Ganges and Territories The northern coast of the Minahasa peninsula

In the 1850s, the people who occupied Tanjung Parigi moved to the Southeast, located on the edge of the beach and directly opposite Manado City itself. Then the community established a land which they named “Wunakeng” which stands for the name “Kinawungakeng”, said Kinawunakeng itself has a meaning of residence. Then on its development, the word “Wunakeng” itself was changed to Bunaken which stands for “Pamunakeng” which means the landing of a boat.

Travel Route Towards Bunaken National Park

To reach the tourist area of ​​Bunaken National Park is very young. If you travel by air, you can directly transit at Sam Ratulangi International Airport in Manado City. Where the airport is connected with other major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Makasar, Balikpapan and also Denpasar Bali. Other than that for you who come from abroad like Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines can also directly transit at this Airport.

Then from Sam Ratulangi Airport your journey continues to Manado City by taxi transportation, from Manado to Bunaken Island itself, the journey continues through the existing port of Manado to Marina Blue Banter and Marina Nusantara Diving Center (NDC) in Kecamatan Molas, Approximately 30 minutes. After arriving at Marina Blue Banter is still needed 10 to 15 minutes trip by cruise to the dive site, semantara if you pass the Marina Nusantara Diving Center (NDC) takes 20 minutes. Besides other alternatives to get to Bunaken Island from Manado, you can use boat transportation that you can rent from Marina and Pasar Bersehati

Then for admission to Bunaken National Park tourist area, you can get it by buying in Manado city precisely at Bunaken National Park Office, besides you can also get it at some ticket sales counter exist in Liang village (Bunaken Island) or in Siladen


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St. Croix River Cruises

We expect the cruise traces we work with are outstanding, every in its personal method. Cruise ships resembling large floating hotels make use of 1000’s of staff and crew members performing duties in positions an identical or similar to jobs at 5 star hotels or resorts on land and along with all of the vessels at present below development the number of cruise ship jobs worldwide is anticipated to double by the 12 months 2014 leading to hundreds of recent openings.

Luxurious, small cruise ships present an intimate setting by which passengers will enjoy unparalleled personal service, well-appointed staterooms and world-class cuisine. When you are ready, search the web’s largest cruise database to seek out the proper cruise line in your subsequent cruise vacation.

For the rest of employees and crew discounted cruise charges for relations and relations might apply (at cruise line’s discretion). Explore the Hudson River, Maine, and the rest of New England aboard the most recent small ship of American Cruise Lines. Tall ships characteristic a variety of itineraries and activities not found on a traditional cruise.

Officers, crew and staff members get promoted, change ships or cruise strains, go on vacation, return to school or simply settle down on land leaving vacancies on regular basis. Regardless of your nationality or earlier work expertise there are cruise ship jobs for you on board the many luxury vessels cruising the oceans.

Within these two most important classes the assorted cruise ship job positions are organized by shipboard departments. Now these tranquil waterways permit American Cruise Strains to offer visitors with an exploration of historical past and pure beauty. Cruise jobs are in reality so addictive, that many crew members discover it fairly tough to live on land after finishing a contract on board a cruise ship.…

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If planning to take the family on a vacation away from home, then need to make sure you know exactly how much will pay for the accommodation. You may be curious to know how many rich people spend their money for one night in a luxury hotel room in the world. Here are super luxury rooms of hotels in the world.

Grand Penthouse, Mark Hotel

Grand Penthouse, Mark Hotel is the most expensive hotel suites in the world. The Mark is a hotel in Manhattan, USA. To stay overnight in this place, you must bribe pocket ranging from US $ 90,000 and US $ 100,000 or equivalent to Rp1, 3 billion. This suite has two floors, a library room, two wet bars, six stunning bathrooms, a large dining room. The five bedrooms in this suite all have a control panel, HD TV and luxurious Italian linens. While the terrace here is ideal if you want to hold a private party because it has an amazing view.

Penthouse, Hotel President Wilson

The rooms at the Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson are very expensive. To stay overnight there, you must make a reservation first. This room is a favorite of the world’s celebrities. Spend the night in this largest Penthouse suite in Europe you have to spend around US $ 75,000 or Rp997, 5 million. This suite is on the eighth and ninth floor of the hotel, offering stunning panoramic views including Lake Geneva views. It has 12 stunning bathrooms, two very luxurious master bedrooms with jacuzzi, 103-inch TV, Steinway grand piano, private fitness room, bulletproof windows and private elevator, all the luxuries and security will be found here.

Presidential suite, Shahi Mahal, Raj Palace Hotel

Enjoying a night in this place will feel like you will become like part of the royal family. The presidential suite at Raj palace hotel, India will make sure to be an amazing experience. With US $ 45 thousand per night or Rp598.5 million; When you wake up, you will feel like royalty. Most of the furniture is made of gold and silver. At the top of the suite is a swimming pool, jacuzzi, private bar, lounge and other luxurious amenities

Penthouse Suite Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel, Martinez

Most people consider France as the best honeymoon destination in the world. The Grand Hyatt Cannes Hôtel Martinez has beautiful beauty, originality, and architecture. And make it an ideal place for anyone who wants to have a great time along the French Riviera. The Penthouse suite becomes one of the most prestigious hotel suites in the whole of France, which is why you have to pay US $ 42 thousand per night, equivalent to Rp558.6 million. This stunning suite is located on the seventh floor of the hotel and has everything you would expect to find in a world class hotel. Spacious marble bathrooms, beautiful bedrooms, and of course a private terrace with stunning views. Jacuzzi, sauna, work area, kitchen, minibar, round room service and many other luxuries are available.…

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Enchantment of Indonesia from Exotic Gili Trawangan

Well, if talking about the most amazing tourist charms in the world, of course Indonesia is not forgotten. There is no end to talking about the charm of Indonesian tourism. This beautiful, beautiful country keeps millions of amazing natural charms and is praised by the nation.

Proud of the beauty of nautical tourism Gili Trawangan his charm does not make all eyes who look mesmerized by the extraordinary natural beauty. So beautiful nature collaboration with beautiful beauty of the sky, clear blue sea water combined with soft white sand and clean

The attraction of Gili Trawangan

Gili Trawangan natural beauty with ornaments of beauty from all directions make it as a tourist destination of choice for thousands of foreign tourists from various parts of the world. Its beach is far from the center of this crowd attract thousands of visitors to enjoy this beautiful tour. Gili Trawangan has also become an exciting conversation for the World Traveler. Of course, its completely clean white sand is a comfortable place for foreigners who like to sunbathe on the beach while enjoying the touch of sunlight touching the skin.

The friendly locals become the tourist attraction

This famous Indonesian citizen of course can be represented by local residents of Gili Trawangan. The friendly locals of “Gili T” certainly make visitors more comfortable and not to worry. Do not be afraid to ask, Gili Trawangan residents will be happy to say hello and help you. Wow, deserve yes, many foreign tourists who are increasingly welcome to visit Indonesia and we become proud when Indonesia is known in the world as a friendly country and friendly citizens.

Gili Trawangan offers tours from the sunrise until late at night

Enjoying marine tourism with snorkeling and diving is the best moment when visiting Gili Trawangan. Flow of beaches that tend to calm and the beauty of the combination of underwater nature such as various ornamental fish, tortoises and beautiful coral will be able to directly enjoy when Snorkeling and Diving. Oh yes, because the sea water is clear and clear, visitors can loh enjoy the beauty of marine tourism from the sea surface when you are on the boat.

Oh yes, besides that, various activities such as Jet Ski, Banana Boat, sunbathing, swimming, cycling along the beach, are various interesting options that can be done in Gili Trawangan. Enjoying the sunset atmosphere along the coastline is the right choice and you can capture the beauty of the sky with the sunset with the view of Gunung Agung and Bali Strait. Calm and beautiful atmosphere becomes a natural relaxation from the fatigue of daily activities.

What about accommodation in Gili Trawangan?

Well, about our accommodation  we need not worry, because along the Beach there stands Resort, Villa and Hotel class that is ready to complete your tour in Gili Trawangan. There are also bicycle rental services and typical Lombok horse car (cidomo). If you want to buy souvenirs, you can choose as much in the Art Market Lombok. There are many food and beverage shops you can find here.

How to get to Gili Trawangan?

Well, to go Gili Trawangan was very easy. For you who are from out of town, you can choose many airlines to Lombok Airport such as: Garuda Indonesia, Lion Air, Citilink, Sriwijaya Air and others. From the airport tourists can go to Bangsal port via landline and can use Taxi or car rental. From Bangsal Harbor, the journey continues via the sea by boat to Gili Trawangan.…

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Important Reasons in Choosing Apparel When Traveling

When traveling comfort is the main thing we need, and Selection of clothing is one factor to be considered. When traveling we have to prepare what goods should and should not we carry. Most of us sometimes still carry unnecessary items that make ourselves bother ourselves.

Too many items we carry will certainly have an effect in our comfort when we travel. In addition, the selection of clothes becomes very important because the clothes can also affect our activities. To avoid such inconvenience, here are some tips we can do to choose clothes when traveling:

Apparel Materials

When we are traveling, surely we will do many activities throughout the day. Not to mention the uncertain weather conditions can make us sultry or cold. According to Muhammad Sadad, CEO & Founder Erigo Store suggested to choose clothing or cotton-based shirts. “Cotton is made of cotton-blended material, so when it’s touched on the hand it’s very soft, and cotton can also absorb sweat, in contrast to a drill that has a mixture of plastic material so it can not absorb sweat and make us hot.”

Customize clothes with Places we will visit

Of course when we are traveling all the clothes we have to adjust to the place we will visit. A small number of us may often be mistaken in the selection of a jacket or sweater while walking.

When we are in a cool place we need to consider to prefer knitwear clothes. According to Sadad, Knitwear suits mustbe very suitable and can warm our bodies, we can also add beanie to protect our head and socks from the cold.Meanwhile, if we want to go to the beach, we can use short cargo pants. Short Cargo pants with a variety of motifs and cotton t-shirts are alloys that are suitable for use when we are on the beach.

To go to the mountain, we can also use cargo pants. Sadad also said, the reason why cargo pants are suitable when used on a mountain because of cargo pants that have a strong impression and have a lot of bags so we can keep a few items in the bag in brief. In addition, Sadad also proposed the use of rebel parka or military jacket to climb the mountain.…