Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Welk Timeshare or Any Vacation Property

Buying a timeshare or vacation property is similar to purchasing a home or other real estate. Individuals need to ask numerous questions before they spend their hard earned money. Following are some of these questions, although there are several others.


What amenities are included with the timeshare? Some companies now provide a rental car, airfare or food with the accommodations. Buyers need to understand exactly what they are getting for the price, and this information must be included in the written contract. This ensures there are no disputes in the future.


What is the timeshare schedule? Some timeshares provide owners with a specific week they make use of the property. Others make use of a floating system, one in which owners must request their week of choice and hope it is available. Owners must reserve early to make certain they get the desired week. If the schedule is fixed, ask if weeks can be changed if needed. Many places do allow this as long as there is an available unit.


Are there additional fees associated with owning the timeshare? People often look at the price for the unit, as they do the mortgage of a home. Be sure to learn about other costs an owner of a timeshare may be accountable for. Maintenance, closing costs, commissions and taxes are a few fees that may be added to the price of the unit.


Learn about how many units remain unoccupied in the complex. If there are a large number of units that are vacant, be sure to research why this is the case. The same is true if the schedule appears to be wide open unless the complex is brand new. If popular dates remain available, it could be a sign there are problems with the complex. A potential owner needs to learn more before proceeding with the purchase.

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Anyone looking to buy a vacation property should look into a Welk Timeshare. Welk Resorts is known for providing more than first-class accommodations. Individuals who stay at one of the resorts find they get a top-notch experience from start to finish, and timeshare owners get to take advantage of the accommodations and experiences at no additional charge. For many, this ensures they have an outstanding vacation every year, and all love that.