Top three ski-resorts in the world

Travelling can be a hobby for many and it can be a passion. When people decide to travel questions crops in one’s mind while deciding the places one should choose to travel. Travelling can be very different from going to a holiday. Holidaying is kind of giving a rest to oneself and enjoy forgetting all other important stuff. But for a regular traveler, it can be a passion which is far more of a serious subject. So for the travelers all over the world who are specifically interested in skiing in white snow, let us make your work easy. Let us make a tight list of three popular Ski-Resorts in the world so that the travelers can make the right decision and also have a short enough must-visit ski resort list.

1. St Anton am Arlberg, Austria: Popularly known as the cradle of Alpine skiing, St Anton is a village in Austria. It is obviously popular for its beauty like any other ski areas and also it has the slopes which are of extraordinary shape and condition. A perfect ski resort is what it can be called. It is the area which is the snowiest of all hence it tops all the famous ski resort lists. Starting from the mesmerizing view of the ski area to some of the modern technology used for skiing, St Anton is what one can call the perfection. It offers utmost safety and comfort and makes the snow surfing much easier and enjoyable. The variety it offers in its different skiing related activities makes the experience more fun. Also, just one glance to the well-prepared slopes and the ski lovers are sold.

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2. Courchevel, France: Courchevel has to be among the most popular and it will not be an exaggeration if one expects it on the top of this list. It deserves the top place because undoubtedly there is no other place like Courchevel when you come to think of a ski resort. The slopes, the snow, the local beauty are something which is unparallel. It is rightly said that once you visit Courchevel there is no need to look for the other places even if there are many popular places which are near Courchevel. The area can be explored so much that you do not even need to go anywhere else. This Luxury ski resort is what a ski-loving person can mark as his ultimate destination with all kind of modern skiing facilities available.

3. Verbier, Switzerland: The third spot of the popular ski resort in the world is occupied by Verbier, a village which is located in Switzerland. It is the main ski resort in Switzerland’s largest ski area. The mountains here have the steep slope. The sharp rising or falling slopes are what make the skiing experience memorable. The view of the snowy mountains is beyond spectacular. Without any doubt, it deserves to stand among the top ski resorts. From beginners to experienced ski lovers, it has options for everyone. Similar of the other two, Verbier also offers the best comfort and safety.

Thus, we come to the end of the top three ski-resorts.