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A Guide to Tree Planting

A tree planting activity refers to an event where tree seedlings or young trees are sown. Both fruit trees and trees which provide timber such as mulberry, pal and pine may be planted. The species of trees to be planted are chosen based on the needs which are to be met. It is advisable to ensure that the trees which are planted along a border also provide shade. You must also pick species of trees which grow fast.

There are different reasons for tree planting initiatives. To start with, many people plant trees as part of the environmental conservation campaign. Each country is required to have at least ten percent forest cover. As a result, many governments have initiated tree planting exercises to meet this requirement. Trees play a central role in any ecosystem. A canopy of trees keeps the air clean because it traps any particles which may be airborne. The trees also produce oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis. Trees therefore ensure that the proportions of gases in the atmosphere remain balanced. Moreover, trees reduce the amount of storm runoff significantly. A canopy of tree makes recreational parks more appealing to visitors because of the shade it provides and the cooling effect it creates.

Tree planting is essential in the reclamation process of land which has turned into a swamp or a desert. The term ‘land reclamation’ refers to the restoration of land which has been disturbed. The land which has been restored can be used productively. It is common for tree planting exercises to happen at memorial services for people who have made significant contributions to society. Trees may also be planted to commemorate special days such as the graduation of a group of students from a certain school.
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An important fact to note is that tree planting exercises are not costly. It’s easy to find a species which thrives in the environment thus reducing the costs of taking care of the growing plant. Moreover, seedlings and young trees are offered at affordable rates. You also need to plant your seeds or trees during the most appropriate season for the species. When you have decided to participate in a tree planting exercise, you must understand how the trees are planted. Determine whether the species requires any special conditions or additions.
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In conclusion, tree planting is a great team-building activity for various groups of people. One of the best contributions anyone could make to a community is planting trees for them It is a great way to make children aware of their responsibility to the environment. It is also an impressive addition to a student’s resume.